Got offered a free sample of a “lamington scone” at the bakery I went to today. Tastes pretty much as you’d expect. 😋

Good to see that there’s still room for innovation in scone technology. 😉

Just enjoyed a set by Guy Montgomery in a familiar stomping ground (the Comedy Republic) with an unfamiliar Stomping Ground (the pale ale). All three were very enjoyable.

Heading back to Melbourne today after my 2.5 weeks in Canberra. Going to have to say goodbye to these two for a little while. Must say that my stay has been fun. Even though I’ve been working, it felt like a bit of a holiday.

Got to –4.5°C last night. As you can imagine, things were pretty frosty this morning.

Ivy’s discovered the vessel I drink from and wants in on it.

P.S. Ivy doing this actually reminds me of this post from @martinfeld.

Afternoon Walk Around Lake Ginninderra

Went for an walk around Lake Ginninderra this afternoon. Well, not “around” the lake: that walk would have taken a while. But I did walk along the path that would take me around the lake for about 30 minutes, then walked back again. Below are a few photos I took.

Archie loves head-scratches. In fact, when I reach my hand into the cage to let him out, he doesn’t immediately perch on it. Instead, he bows his head expecting me to scratch it.

The names for GitHub Codespaces are randomly generated, but I kinda like the one chosen for this website repo. Seems fitting in a way.

These little fellas just love going for the keyboard and mouse when they’re out with me. Maybe, with a bit of training, I might be able to get them to do my work for me. 🤔

Cockatiels on keyboard and mouse

The Powerline Track Walk

Went on a walk of the Powerline Track, which I was personally calling the “powerline walk” (yes, I’m impressed at how close I was). I saw this trail when I was in Canberra earlier this year, and knowing that I would be back, I made a note to actually walk it, which I did today. This track follows the powerlines just south of Aranda Bushland Nature Reserve, then goes under Gungahlin Drive and into the Black Mountain Nature Reserve. The weather was cold but pleasant, at least at the start of the track. It eventually got quite dark and a little wet near the end, but that did result in some nice winter lighting over the landscape.

Here’s a gallery of some of the photos I took. Note that there’s a fair few of powerlines, which is something I’ve been drawn to ever since I was a little kid.

Most of the magpies I see in my daily life are of the white-backed variety, which is the common subspecie in Victoria. So seeing one with a black back, like I did today during my evening walk, is still quite a novelty.

Back in Canberra, looking after my sister’s cockatiels while she’s overseas for work. Say hello to Ivy and Archie.

Day 29: stripes


New mug today.

An ATP mug

Not as large as the last mug-related merch I’ve received — that crown is retained by the Stratechery mug — but still a decent size.

Day 8: union

Had some trouble with this one today, so I thought I’d hit it up in the textbooks. #mbmay

Day 7: park

The park in Benalla, taken last month during our drive to Canberra. #mbmay

Day 5: Earth

One of the first photos from Himawari-8, a JMA weather satellite that went online while I was working at the Bureau of Meteorology. The images it produced pushed our visualisation tools to the limit, but boy, they were absolutely stunning. #mbmay


Day 1: switch

I usually sit at that table. But today, I decided to switch to the other side. #mbmay

Oh, I hope not.

An exceeding long download estimation

Good morning from Canberra. Photo’s taken just a little after 7:30 this morning.

Walked a little of the Castlemaine to Maldon bike trail today, which runs besides the tourist railway line. Usually a steam train travels along it, but I didn’t see one today.

Got my copy of Bloch’s Effective Java out today for the first time in years, in order to prepare for an interview. As far as books about programming languages go, this is probably my favourite. Very informative and easy to read.

This is by far the most useful quick action I’ve made in Automator. It generates a UUID, and places it in the pasteboard. I’ve got it bound to Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+U and I’ve been using it constantly over the last week (writing a lot of tests with test data).

My printed Day One journals for 2021 have arrived, much quicker than I expected. They came out nicely. I think paper covers are the way to go — they feel much better to flip through than the hard cover one I have for 2020.

Cling Wrap

I bought this roll of cling wrap when I moved into my current place. Now, after 6.5 years and 150 metres, it’s finally all used up.

Cling wrap, now empty

In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty unimportant. It happens every day: people buy something, they use it, and eventually it’s all used up. Why spend the time and energy writing and publishing this post to discuss it? Don’t you have better things to do?

And yet, there’s still a feeling of weight to this particular event that I felt was worth documenting. Perhaps it’s because it was the first roll of cling wrap I bought after I moved out. Or maybe it’s because it lasted for this long, so long in fact that the roll I bought to replace it was sitting in my cupboard for over a year. Or maybe it’s the realisation that with my current age and consumption patterns, I probably wouldn’t use up more than 7 rolls like this in my lifetime.

Who knows? All I know is that despite the banality of the whole affair, I spent just spent the better part of 20 minutes trying to work out how best to talk about it here.

I guess I’m in a bit of a reflective mood today.