Worked a little more on “awstools” (still haven’t thought of a good alternative name for it). I think the “dynamo-browse” tool is close to being in a releasable state. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to clean up most of the inconsistencies, and making sure that it’s being packaged correctly.

Now it’s documentation writing time. I’m working my way through a very basic website and user guide. It’s been a little while since I’ve written any form of user-level documentation — most of the documents I write have been for other developers I work closely with — and I admit that it feels like a bit of a slog. It might be the tone of writing that I’ve adopted: a little dry and impersonal, trying to walk that fine line between being informative without swamping the reader with big blocks of words. I might need to work on that: no real reason why the documentation needs to be boring to the reader.

The website itself will be a statically generated site using Hugo and will most likely be served using GitHub pages. I’ve settled on the terminal theme, since “awstools” is a suite of terminal-based apps. That reasoning might be a little corny, but to be honest, I have grown to actually like the theme itself. I haven’t settled on a domain for it yet.

While working on the documentation, I ran into a useful website that contains a comprehensive list of HTML entities, complete with previews. Good reference for the arrows glyphs I need to use to represent key bindings in the document.