I usually eat two or three cans of tuna for lunch a week. And yet, I still don’t really consider myself a fish eater. Why? What needs to change before I can tell myself that yes, I eat fish? Do I have to eat actual fish? Must I eat fish for dinner? What are the rules here? #mbnov

Flight home from the US is next week. I’m hoping for an uneventful trip. The news is not cooperating though. 😏

I use to be quite religious in putting two spaces after a full stop. The only exception was when I’m writing on Micro.blog, since it keeps the character count down. But now, I’ve been noticing this trend extend to other time I need to write in a web browser. #mbnov

I heard the best way to get motivated to do something is to say to yourself “do it for five minutes and if it isn’t working out, you can stop.” I’ve tried it and it works. Sure, you may stop, but usually you’ll just carry on with the task. #mbnov

State election today. Number of people making their commitment to the process quite early. #mbnov

People in line to vote

Massive delay to my flight on the weekend. What was originally a morning departure is now an evening one. But I think the new itinerary actually works out better than what it was so I’m actually quite happy about it.

Revived my silly little online finska scorecard and gave it a new domain name: finska.fun. This is in preparation for the summer, where playing a game or two of finska is becoming a bit of a ritual. #mbnov

I’ve been approaching Microblogvember by taking the prompt and writing a post around it, which results in posts that are a bit forced. A better way might be to write a regular post that includes the prompt. That way I retain my usual relaxed attitude towards posting here. #mbnov

You’d think I’d have a post with the word update in it. I use “update” at work all the time: apply this update to update the database and push the update. But racking my brain over the last hour or so, I couldn’t come up with an update with an “update”. #mbnov

📺 The Computer Programme (1982)

Discovered from reading this Ars Technica article about the history of ARM. Was commissioned by the BBC in the early 1980’s to teach the British public about home computers. Found it to be quite charming.

Back home from Canberra. But only for a few days and then I’m off to the US. Should be good but I’m not looking forward to that 14 hour flight across the Pacific.

I hate days that involve airports or air travel in any capacity. Not so much the actual flying part; that’s all fine. It’s just all the things around timing or rendezvous that give me such anxiety. Very tricky thinking about anything else.

Typing in “graze” into Google Photos returned this photo. Conveniently, this was taken six months ago to the day. #mbnov

Kangaroo grazing a fence

Oof, scrum ceremonies really take it out of me. 3.5 to 4 hours of meetings, usually hosted by me and with me doing all the talking. Really kills my voice.

Rocking my super cool hat and jacket ensemble this morning. We’re a couple of weeks from the high UVs of summer so I wear the hat whenever I’m outside. But it’s really cold this morning and the wind feels like ice so the jacket had to come out as well. Trendy. 🤓 #mbnov

Enjoyed another trip to Tuggeranong this morning. Went to the same cafe, ordered the same breakfast. I think I even sat in the same seat. It’s almost like a repeat of last time. #mbnov

Photo of Two Before Ten cafe

🎙 The Talk Show: Grand Scale Foot-Shooting

A fascinating episode of the Talk Show. Couldn’t put it down, metaphorically speaking.

The view from Mt. Ainslie.

Summit of Mt. Ainslie looking to Lake Burley Griffin and Parliament House

@odd shared a link to O Rly and given the recent tech news I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy.

“Hardcore Twitter” O Rly book cover

I got nosteligic for O’Reilly Books Online a few minutes ago. No novels there, just tech books. But wow, was it a great service. Large range of titles, decent prices, usually a sale going on, and no DRM. Shame that they shut it down. #mbnov

Free idea for anyone interested in building an Obsidian plugin: a calendar picker which will open up an arbitrary daily note, either in the past or future. Would be useful for making notes on upcoming events.(There may already be a plugin for this, I haven’t actually looked).

EDIT: Thanks to @jayeless for sharing this Calendar plugin which does exactly what I was hoping for.

What the fridge happened to Tumblr?! It took me 15 minutes to find the RSS feed of a blog there.

To save everyone the pain from trying to find the answer by browsing crappy websites full of ads, the RSS feed of a Tumblr blog is:


This also works with profiles in the form tumblr.com/<user>.

Nearing the end of the week and I’m starting to tire. Can’t retire just yet though: got to look at a clean-up task caused by a release I was part of. 🤦 #mbnov

Half Measures

I’m coming to realise that one of my shortcomings is not completely following through on a task. I’ve got a habit of only doing enough to get it done quickly, knowing that the work has cracks in it and just hoping that things won’t fall through them. There are a few reasons for this and there the one’s that you expect: laziness, boredom, pressure to get something finished, wanting to move onto something else, etc.

As you can expect, I get burned by this. And over the last several months it got to the point where it was starting to becoming a noticeable problem. So, I adopted the following rule: “no more half measures”1. If I’ve got a task to do, the I do the whole task.

I broke that rule a few days ago. With the pressure to get something out the door, I finished the work knowing that there existed a case where it wouldn’t work properly. I was hoping to address this over the next week or so, and was not expecting (or hoping, to be more accurate) that this shortcoming will show up.

Well, today it did. Fortunately it was just in testing but sure enough the shortcut came back to bite me, and now I’ll need to fix it.

I guess it’s a good opportunity to reset and take this rule seriously once again.

  1. HT to Hank in Breaking Bad. [return]

You know, the whole point of having standup-free Thursdays is that we would have the morning to get work done. It wasn’t intended to have a blank calendar for others to start filling in with meetings. 😫