I think I’ve settled on a name for the project I’ve been calling “awstools”. “Settled” is probably a good word for it: I came up with it about a week ago, and dismissed it at first as being pretty ordinary1. But over that time, it’s been slowly growing on me. Also, I’ve yet to come up with any alternatives that are better.

Anyway, the name that I’ve settled on is the Audax Toolset.

It’s not a great name. Honestly, anyone with more creativity that me could probably come up with a bunch of names better than this. I’m going to play the name-is-the-thing-you-say-to-talk-about-the-thing here.

But the name was not completely random. “Audax” was chosen from the second part of the Latin name for a wedged-tail eagle: Aquila audax. Translated from Latin it means bold, and although I would definitely not describe this project as in any way “bold”, it is a TUI based application which, given the limited palette for building UIs, may have some instances of bold font. But what I’m trying to invoke with this name is the sense of an eagle flying in a cloudless sky. Cloudless → cloudy → the Cloud → AWS (yeah, like I said it’s not a great name).

Anyway, it’s good enough for the moment. And the domain name audax.tools was available, which was a good thing. Right now, the domain doesn’t point to anything but it will eventually point to the website and user guide.

Speaking of which, the user guide is still slowly coming along. I got a very rough draft of the actual guide itself finished. I’ll need to proofread it and flesh it out a little, and also add some screenshots. The reference, which will list all the commands and key bindings (there isn’t many of them), needs to be written as well, but that’s probably the easiest thing to write. I will admit that the guide itself makes for pretty dry reading, and I’m not entirely convinced it would be enough for someone coming in cold to download up the tools and start using them. I may also need to write some form of tutorial, or maybe even record a demo video. Something to consider once I’ve got the rest of the site finished, I guess.

  1. I use the term “ordinary” here as a euphemism for “not very good”. ↩︎