Did Not Make This

    A fun part of preparing for product demos is coming up with fanciful names for organisations. Today it was a video production house that specialises in “content”. I gave it the name “Content Mill Productions”. I even gave it a logo, using DALL-E.

    Generated DALL-E image of a logo for a fake organisation. Prompt: A corporate logo for 'Content Mill Productions'. The logo features an old-fashioned windmill, representing tradition and history, as the central element. Surrounding the windmill is a prominent banner with the studio's name 'Content Mill Productions' in a clear, professional font. The design is modern yet classic, combining elements of both to create a unique and memorable logo. The color palette is sophisticated, with a blend of navy blue, white, and a touch of gold to add a hint of elegance.

    Not that clever, but good enough for a demo.

    Another, slightly modified, DALL-E image. This one’s based on real events (i.e. what happened today during my walk).

    A slightly modified DALL-E image. Prompt: an old industrial sign, like one seen in a factory. The sign should have an icon of a person with a hard hat on in silhouette. To the right should be black text days since I hit my head on a log. Below that is a metal card with the number zero. The zero be made to look like it's removable, like it's on metal pegs.

    Trying out the image generator in ChatGPT (which I think is just DALL-E). A few friends of mine will get this reference.

    DALL-E image generated using ChatGPT. Prompt: an image of a griffin playing bocce in the park with two other people.
    Prompt: an image of a griffin playing bocce in the park with two other people.

    More Logic Pro this evening. Here’s a recording of the main theme from Tubular Bells 2. Love how the Steinway Grand Piano sounds.

    Launched Logic Pro and did some MIDI recording this evening. Here’s an except from “Top of the Morning” from Tubular Bells 3.