Some Links To Motivational Posts That Help Me

This post contains a bunch of links to posts and articles that motivate me in some way, either with blogging or working in public. Sometimes I feel down or self-conscious about the types of posts I make, or not posting anything at all, and I like to revisit these occasionally to help me keep it up.

Many of these come from members of To those that shared it, thank you!

About blogging

About development

About working in public

About persistence

About other things

I’ll update this post with any more I find along the way.

Option Currency Symbol Reference

A small, incomplete reference of the various currency symbols that can be produced using the Option key. Here because I always forget these, and I’ve been needing to produce these quite often lately.

Currency Symbol Key
Dollar $ $
Cent ¢ Opt4
Pound £ Opt3
Euro ShiftOpt2
Yen ¥ Opty