Be forewarned: this might not be a happy post.

I’m feeling a bit dispirited this morning seeing 15 new cases of Covid-19 in Victoria over the last 24 hours, along with the Melboure average rise for the first time in 2 months. All last week the case numbers were just under 10, and the weekends usually have lower case numbers anyway, so seeing 15 new cases yesterday, and 14 cases on Saturday does not feel me with optimism.

It also doesn’t help listening to the ABC News Coronacast episode this morning where they were talking about how Victoria’s contact tracing system is coming up from behind. I can’t imagine it being easy overhauling the entire contract tracing infrastructure during a pandemic. I just wish it was up to snuff before the coronavirus came to our shores.

I understand the state government is doing all they can, but I am upset that these series of mistakes have led to this situation. I can only hope they can get on top of it as quickly as they can. Optimism can only take you so far, and I bet most people are just getting tired by the whole thing. I know I am.

Update: I feel a little better this afternoon, especially after hearing that 10 of the 15 cases seem to be linked with known clusters. The government is also expanding the number of people that are considered close contacts, which is hopefully why the case numbers are slightly higher today in that they’re catching these cases before they spread.

Update 2: I should also note that, as fustrated as I am about the numbers today, I still rather the state government do the safest thing they think is possible to avoid a third wave. If that means staying locked down for a while longer then so be it.