I took the plunge and purchased Logic Pro today. Although the purchase itself is not super interesting, the fact that I’m putting that much money into a piece of software that’s only available for macOS is an indication that I’m now all in on Apple’s desktop platform.

This is something that I’ve been quite tentative about for a while. I first came to macOS in 2017 after using Linux for my home setup. Linux was great for software development but I wanted to get back into music production, something that Linux is not known for. I’ve never really used the Mac at this stage but I knew that macOS was a decent platform for both activities, so moving to it was enticing. It also helped that I learnt about the user experience of the macOS from all the Apple tech podcasts that I listen to, like ATP and The Talk Show.

But I tend to hedge these sort of moves, so even though I started using a Mac Mini, I didn’t commit to purchasing any expensive software (say, anything more than $30-50) that only runs on Apple’s platforms. I had my doubts that I’ll actually go back to Linux (I knew I wasn’t going to Windows though); and after using a Linux laptop for a couple of months, I remembered how Linux has still got some way to go to provide a great user experience. Nevertheless, I always felt that I needed an exit.

Well, that door is now closed. Purchasing the Nova text editor last month was probably the first indication that I’m intending to stay, and the purchase of Logic Pro today seems to have solidified it.

So I guess now I’m officially a committed Mac user.