In today’s crazy ideas to get out of things I rather not do: as part of getting solar panels, I have to get a photo of part of my roof. I’d rather not get on a ladder and I don’t have a drone. But I do have a Raspberry Pi with a camera module. I’m wondering if doing something with that, along with a battery, duck tape, and a couple of broomsticks would work.

Update: well, this idea hit a roadblock quickly. I booted up the Raspberry Pi and tried the camera, and I got an error suggesting that the camera module is not connected. The Raspberry Pi is inside a case, meaning that if I wanted to check the camera module connection, I’d have to open it. The annoying thing is that when I first got it (it was several years ago), the camera was working fine. It must have come loose while I was moving it around or something.

So now I need to open the case without breaking it. Not sure how easy that would be to do.