Now that we have decent cameras in our pocket and virtually unlimited space, there’s no reason not to take as many photos (and video) of things like buildings and objects that are personally important to you, in addition to people and events.

Make sure you get photos of every room, from as many different perspectives as you can. Consider perspectives that you are likely to experience yourself, and try to capture them. Don’t forget things like floor patterns and light fixtures. Also consider the externals and outbuildings, like garages. You probably have photos of the front and back, but also remember to take photos of the sides, and other areas you’d occasionally find yourself. Quality is secondary to coverage: take good photos if you can, but sometimes a single bad photo of a particular area is better than no photo at all.

Think of it as a form of personal historical documentation. There will probably come a time when you can no longer see that building — either it’s sold or pulled down — and a decade later, you’d like to reminisce. Memories fade, and any photos you do have you’d be happy you took. You’d always wish you have more though, so unless you’re pressed for time and storage, always remember that there’s no such thing as too many photos.