Someone shared a great Q&A video with Seth Godin yesterday. I was hoping to listen to it at the gym but the video — which is hosted by Vimeo and embedded in a webpage — refused to play when the phone screen was off. Not sure if this is Vimeo, or just the web browser, but it’s a bit of a shame that this happens.

I’m converting it into an audio file and have uploaded it to Pocketcasts, so it’s not a huge issue. This can be done relatively easily using youtube-dl with the -x flag:

youtube-dl -x --audio-format=mp3 <url-of-webpage-containing-video>

Make sure to set the --audio-format flag. I didn’t included it at first and it produced an M4A file which was around 100 MB, which I thought was a bit large. The MP3 file was half that, and it’s likely I could have reduced it further, but I figured that it was good enough.