Have finally got around to arranging the printed books of my 2021 Day One journal entries. Lot of entries last year, enough for two books actually. Although to be fair, I’m also including blog posts and a lot of photos, which would have definitly increased the page count.

I’m trying my best to maintain some consistency across the printed books. I’ve realised that you can make a choice the first time around, but it’s actually the second time around that your choices become a convention. So I tried being a bit thoughtful about some of the decisions I’m making this year.

That said, I am making some slight deviations from the 2020 book. I’m trying a paper cover this time as I found the hard cover a little bit fragile. I’m afraid to bend the spine too far while reading it as I fear it might tear it from the cover. It’s actually preventing me from flicking through the printed book, defeating the purpose of this exercise. I’ll see if the paper cover is better and if so, I may reprint the 2020 journal again.

One last thing: I do appreciate Day One offering this service, but I wonder if it would have been better if this was offered on their website. There’s too much that needs to happen in the iOS app, and due to the nature of the OS itself, I’m always afraid switching away to another app while a long running process is going on, lest the OS kills it and I’ll have to start it all over again. So I’m left with watching long running progress bars.