I was ask today by someone at work1 if I knew of a good post describing the fundamentals of Kubernetes. I remember reading one several months ago which explained the fundamentals quite well to me, and thought it would be helpful for this person as well. But I forgot to bookmark the link.

I probably should have realised at the time that it would have been a good post to bookmark. I guess I was hoping to rely on the browser’s history, but as far as I can tell, the history in Vivaldi only goes back three or four months. I felt the post was useful enought to spend some time finding it again.

As you can imagine, doing a straight search for anything on Kubernetes in either Google or DuckDuckGo would result in nothing helpful, since there are roughly a bajillion posts on Kubernetes out there on the internet. But I did remember that the author actually released a simple, for-pay image sharing application, and announced it on Hacker News.

So I did a DuckDuckGo search for “site:ycombinator.com image hosting single person.” Amazingly the Hacker News post was the top hit. This eventually led me to the app in question, which eventually led me to this person’s blog, and after one more DuckDuckGo search, eventually to the post itself.

It took a good 20 minutes find this post once more, and I was honestly unsure whether I would have been about to find it at all. I’m bookmarking it now so that it may never2 be lost again.

  1. Yes, I’m working during a public holiday today. ↩︎

  2. Or at least until this blog is shutdown. ↩︎