Woke up at 5 AM this morning for an early coding session today. Really want to fix this process of notarising a Mac app from the command line so that I can get a distribution prepared with a single button press, as it were.

Got to the point where I’ve got a Python script which will build the archive, export the archive as a signed app (I think), and upload it to Apple to be notarised. The app gets notarised successfully after running all this, or at least it’s reported to be notarised successfully.

Now waiting for a Mac to be provision in MacStadium so that I can test it. My previous tests have failed so far, either because Apple claiming that the app is notarised doesn’t actually mean that it’s notarised, or I’m corrupting the notarised archive in some way during my previous tests as I move it around the file system. Hopefully with this new process I find out which of these cases is causing the problem.

Was this activity a good use of my time? Really can’t say. Maybe, maybe not. But I was already awake a 5 AM anyway so it’s arguably better than simply lying in bed.