In today’s issue of “useless apps that nobody but me would want to use”, I’ve managed to get a version of the Podcast Favourites app built and deployed. I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and it works quite well.

Here are some screenshots of it, starting with the main screen you see when you log in:

As you can probably guess, I listen to a lot of ATP. 😁

Selecting one of the feeds will bring up the favourites of that feed.

Each favourite has the name of the episode, the start time (which is hidden in the listing but editable when clicking the pencil icon) and a brief description that is usually used to explain what the clip is about. The name and artwork are retrieved from the podcast RSS feed, and the description can be whatever you want.

Clicking the play button will bring up the in-browser player.

There’s no scrubber, but you can go back and forwards 30 seconds by clicking the relevant button, or by pressing < and > on the keyboard. Pressing space will toggle play and pause. Most of this I took straight out of Alto Catalogue, but moved it to the bottom of the page much like the Pocketcast web-player.

So far I’m reasonably pleased with it. Honestly, it’s probably not something that pushed me from a development sense. More like something that I’d like to use myself. And it’s far from perfect: there are a few weird navigation links at the moment, and some ugly UI. But it does the job I need it to do.

I probably won’t spend any more time on it. If I do, it would be to get the mobile version of the web-app styled correctly.