Moving my work journal over to

That blog has been bouncing around CMS’s for a while now, and there’s always one or two things I’ve found lacking. It got to the point where I’ve began building my own CMS, and although it’s closer to what I’d like for this work journal — and includes a few features that other CMS’s lack, like private posts — I’ve been thinking about what’s missing, like image hosting and syndication, and realising that spending the time to build them would just be time I don’t spend on other things.

And honestly, the reason why I’ve been unhappy with all the other CMS’s I’ve tried is because I was hoping for something which easily supports posting short updates with the occasional long post… something similar to Well, something like that already exists, and it’s called

So I’m going to do the “kill your darlings” thing and try having this journal hosted here for a while. Sure it will mean that I don’t get things like private posts (which were honestly the only unique feature about that homegrown CMS) but I can probably make it work. At least there’ll be one less distraction.