Ditching the CMS I was using for this blog is actually quite liberating. It means I don't have to spend any time trying to bridge the feature gap for what I need for a basic blogging CMS, and could focus on other projects.  For example, I spent this evening working on "awstools": mainly coming up with a new name for it.  I really can't use "awstools" as AWS is a trademark.

So I spent most of the evening trying to come up with a better name for this project.  A good contender would be something that suggests it does stuff with AWS without actually using the acronym "AWS" itself.  It also needs to be easy to type in the command line, and if all possible (but not a deal breaker) the domain name should be available.

I started with something like "clearskies" or "cleanskies," but it didn't really fit the project that nicely.  Felt a little too… consultanty for me.  I did try typing in the command `clsk` a lot, and I found that most times I naturally typed in `clks` instead.  So the next round was trying to reverse engineer an abbreviation for this.  "Crimson Kites?"  Nah, same sort of problem as the earlier names.  "Chalk?" A little better, but might be a little too generic.  "Clock Socks?"  Not even sure what that is.

I guess I'll be sticking with "awstools" for the mean time.  Maybe I'll come up with something while I'm sleeping.