I’m moving the posts I had on my wiki to this blog and I’m shutting the wiki down.

I never really used the wiki a lot — in fact, the last two posts were the only pages that were on there (the rest were all links). This was partly because I never got around to setting up backups (this was a pretty big reason why I didn’t put anything I wanted to keep there), but also because I found other places to document things. Anything related to software development I found myself just posting it here. Things that related to projects that I wanted to keep private, I wrote in Day One. So nothing really went into the wiki at all.

I did use the wiki a lot to keep bookmarks to guides and resources I occasionally need to lookup. I think, going forward, I’ll just keep these links as a page on this site. I’m in Micro.blog almost every day so I imagine the amount of extra effort needed to keep this page up-to-date will be low. One less site to visit and maintain. 🙂