Finishing off the last part of my tech knowledge setup which is to regenerate the web version when I make a change to the source markdown. I’m using GitHub Actions to do this. Basically, when a change is pushed to the Git repository, an action is fired which will checkout the current site, run the tool to render the new site from the source markdown, commits any changes to the web git repo, and pushes it back to GitHub to be hosted by GitHub pages.

Learnt some potentially useful techniques of GitHub actions along the way. For example, checking out a different than the one of the action. To do this, you’ll need to create a Personal Access Token, pass it in as a secret, and use it with the checkout action.

There is some fine tweaking left to do — pushing changes to the source file which will not result in changes in the generated web version will cause the action to fail — but I think that’s a good stopping point for tonight.