Spent the day updating some Day One entries of my recent trip to the US. Some days effectively had scrawls of an update I wrote while I was over there, so I had something to work on while I was filling in the gaps. The question was should I maintain the present tense of the post?

If I do, then it will seem like I wrote this really detailed entry while I was living the day. And it may make for interesting reading, but it feels dishonest to me (even though it would just be me reading it). I could change it to past tense, which will make it sound more genuine to what it actually is: an entry updated weeks after the actual day. But it may clash with the tense of many of the other entries that were also written on the day.

On the other hand, there were entries written the past tense already, so that window broke ages ago. So I decided to go with past tense.