Back to work today, and first cab of the rank is a design task. I use to start writing notes of the design in Atlasssian Confluence, but today I think I’ll try writing my design notes in Obsidian first. Once I’m got something together, I’ll take these notes and D2 diagrams and use them to produce a proper write-up in Confluence to share with others.

It is a form of double handling, but the distinct roles of both tools might be helpful to me. There’s no expectation for a coherent and complete design from my Obsidian notes, and the low friction that comes from the Markdown editor is more conducive to the mode of thinking I’m in when I’m coming up with a design.

The Confluence editor is just too rigid for that. And don’t get me started on the point-and-click diagramming tools that are included in it. They’re much more suited towards preparing the finished artefact.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes.