Started listening to a “podcast” published as a YouTube video.

I don’t like that this is how people choose to publish their shows. I can understand why that do, since people now use YouTube just to listen to music and other audio content. But for a podcast, the presence of video suggests to me that this is something that I need to actually watch. That simply listening to the audio while letting it play in another tab is not the best way to consume it, lest I miss something visual.

Well, I’ll listen to this podcast with the video on, but if it’s effectively just two people in a room talking into mics, I’ll be a little unhappy.

Update: After listening to it: yeah, the video was unnecessary. I mean it was shot really well. Set was nice, as was the choice of doing it in black and white. Lots of cameras on slow dollies, and cameras filming cameras filming the conversation, along with the regular shot reverse-shot of an interview. But really, it coulda just been a podcast.