This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I cannot stand the MacOS development experience. I wanted to start a new project, a MacOS SwiftUI project, and once I went through the New Project flow, the first thing that happens is the preview craps out because the login to AppStore Connect cannot provision a certificate. To generate the preview of the “Hello World” app that was just created. Call me old fashion but the need to provision a certificate to generate a preview is a little unnecessary.

How do experience MacOS developers deal with crap like this? Honestly, I really feel for them devs going through all the shitty hoops Apple throws their way, as if attempting to build anything is a threat to their trillion dollar company. They really need to get some perspective.

Anyway, I’ll settle on using Go and Wails. I know how unpopular Electron-style apps are in the broader MacOS community (Wails doesn’t bundle Chrome so it’s not quite the same thing) but it’s a stack without any BS that I can rely on.