🔗 ChatGPT clearly has a place

I tried ChatGPT for the first time this morning. I needed a shell script which will downscale a bunch of JPEG images in a directory. I’m perfectly capable of writing one myself, but that would mean poking through the ImageMagick docs trying to remember which of the several zillion arguments is used to reduce the image size. Having one written for me by ChatGPT saved about 15 minutes of this (it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I did need to tweak it a little).

A ChatGPT session where I ask for a script that reduces the size of JPEG files in a directory.

I don’t know what the future holds with AIs like this, and I acknowledge that it has had an effect on some peoples' living (heck, it may have an effect on mine). But I really can’t deny the utility it provided this morning.