Here’s a free idea for a mindless action movie.

A middle-aged, middle-class, run-of-the-mill guy is walking down a suburban street when he spots a USB drive on the footpath. He’s pretty tech savvy so he knows that he shouldn’t plug in random USB drives he finds outside. He spends the afternoon talking with his friends/family about it, and they tell him he should just throw it away. But curiosity gets the better of him and that evening he plugs it into his computer.

What he finds is a single document with bank login details. He enters those in and finds an account filled with hundred of millions of dollars. He decides to transfer some of that into his own account.

But that account is being watched by law enforcement, and the transfer notifies them and pinpoints his location (maybe he needs to enter a 2FA and they get his location from his mobile). They begin to track him down. Turns out the USB drive was a honeypot that was left there to entrap some form of criminal enterprise, or maybe organised crime.

I don’t know what happens after that but I’d imagine it’ll involve some chase scenes, he finds someone who can help him, etc. Basically, it devolves into the plot of Enemy of the State.

Working title: USB, or the USB Drive, or something punchier. Someone would have to say “USB” somewhere in the film, maybe saying “You S. O. B.” with the O quickly and quietly: you! S! oh B!

Anyway, enjoy. And you’re welcome. 😄