I think GitLab wasted their effort building their “queued” MR comment feature, in which comments added to code lines are not seen by the submitter until you click “Finish Review” at the bottom of the page. I’ve never concerned myself with the feeling that I need all my comments sent to the submitter at once.

Oh sure, I’ve written a comment and then deleted it minutes later after going a bit further in the code, and I can see the benefit of this feature catching those. But I’ve trained myself to avoid doing that by simply reading ahead. I try not to raise a comment if there’s a chance that I’ll need to go back and modify/delete it. Saving the effort from catching these before the submitter sees them doesn’t seem like it’s worth the complexity of this feature, especially considering that other code review tools I usually used (which is really only GitHub) doesn’t work like that.

No, what I really want GitLab to do is hide/auto-approve files matching a certain pattern. This would be perfect for ignoring generated code changes. I don’t care if generated code changes. I really don’t. And I hate scrolling past these in MRs I need to review, especially when they take up a significant proportion of the changes. It looks like GitLab has an open issue to address this. It’s a shame that it hasn’t been addressed sooner, before this queued MR comment feature was shipped.

Yes, I’m complaining about this because I’m in a mood and I don’t like reviewing code. I blame the fact that it’s a Monday for that.