I’ve found myself using ChatGPT to do quite mundane things recently, like get the postcodes of cities around the world. It feels like I’m barely pushing the limits of what it’s capable of. I just prefer the chat-like interface it has.

And I think that’s the danger that people running “real” websites have when it comes to these chat bots. I’m sure there’re a bunch of sites out there that can get me the postcode for any world city I throw at it. But dealing with a crappy web interface filled with ads does not sound appealing to me. Much better is the clean chat interface that ChatGPT provides, complete with a history of all my prior requests that I can just look back on.

Also, and this is just my current use case, I’m not too phased with how accurate these postcodes actually are. These are all for test addresses to test a Stripe integration. So near enough is good enough.