I’m looking at getting deep links working in a Flutter app. I haven’t got anything working at the moment. In theory I do have the server-side stuff in place, and I’m now looking at how I can get the Flutter app to handle the deep link.

There’s a recipes for doing this on Flutter’s website that I’m following now. It suggests downloading a separate package, go_router, to do the app routing. It’s published by the Dart team so I have some faith that it’s of decent quality, but why is this feature not in the core Dart library? I’ve already got navigation working using the Material router now. It already uses a path-based approach for navigation. Couldn’t this just be extended to support deep links as well? Was I wrong to use this router?

I think this is one thing that bothers me about Flutter development. The core libraries are pretty well design and do what they say that do, but only up to a point. They’re never extended to support additional use cases that would be, well… maybe not common, but certainly not unheard of, in a mobile app. Instead, we’re left to rip out what currently works and retrofit a package that doesn’t come in the standard library.

Don’t make me pull out working code. That’s never a good feeling. Just let me build on what’s already there.