I’ve started using Notion for my personal notes. It’s still early days, and I haven’t moved all my old notes from Obsidian yet, but so far I’m finding it quite good for this. I still use Obsidian for work but I think the more structured features that Notion has, like databases, etc. could come in handy. It’s a little closer to my ideal note taking app, which allows for both structured and unstructured data.

Structured features begets structured notes so I’m trying to put a bit more effort into arranging my notes than I did in Obsidian. I’ve put together some sections, sort of in a Johnny.decimal lite style, where the more permanent notes will live:

Screenshot of sections in Notion, organised in a Johnny.decimal style, with Administration, Projects, Work and Personal as top-level major sections

Being able to set coloured icons and header images for notes is a nice touch. Sort of allows me to re-live the days of Google Inbox when they added a nice header image for travel documents:

Header image of a note about Canberra, showing the War Memorial

I’m also quite impressed with the mobile app. I used it yesterday when I was out of mobile range, and not only was I still able to access my most recent notes, I was able to add new notes which eventually got synced when data was available. I didn’t test this too much and I really should as it would be good to know whether I’ve got access to most (all?) of my notes off-line.

I do miss Obsidian’s Daily Notes though. That was a nice feature for the more incidental things. But truth be told, it ended up being a dumping ground for notes that really should’ve been filed somewhere. Maybe a nice Notion feature is to add daily notes that will “disappear” after two weeks unless their moved into another section. That way you’re forced to file it or it’ll get archived/deleted.

Dare I say that it’s like “stories for notes”1? 😉

  1. Maybe there should be a “stories for jokes about stories”: any joke referencing a feature that was popular five years ago should automatically get deleted. 😄 ↩︎