Looking at the Elm language after reading this post from Jim Nielsen. Looks interesting, especially the model-view-controller pattern it’s uses for building web UIs. Yes, it’s not an approach that’s unique, and yes, it’s more-or-less the same pattern as one would use with React and Redux1. But I like how it seems baked into the language design. Not sure if that is was an accident (such a pattern generally works well with functional languages) or intentional, but the language seems quite suited for it. I’d be curious to try it out.

And that’s why I’ll never be rich: I’m not focused enough. One could argue that I don’t need to play around with another frickin’ technology, given that I’ve played with Stimulus, Svelte, and vanilla JavaScript recently; not to mention all the others I’ve tried. Best to use one and master it.

But curiosity, and my magpie need to look at new shiny things, just gets the better of me. Plus that elusive sense of trying to find that “perfect way” of building web-based UIs that I’m sure most JavaScript frontend devs are looking for, even with the knowledge that no such way exists.

Ah well. 🤷