Gabz latest post about ChatGPT’s ability to write “good” reviews gave me pause:

Here is the thing, every now and then I write about things that I like, among them, video games. I am also aware that although I am not a professional reviewer, I’d like my posts to come across with a certain level of, I don’t know, some quality/standards/mission/quest. […] Whenever I write a post about something I liked it is in a very unprofessional manner, or informal manner, rather, as if I was just talking to you. I just capture my thoughts as I type and perhaps that is the reason I am always digressing and all over the place.

Not to be someone who should tell Gabz how he should write on his own site, I will give you my opinion as a reader. And it’s this: I’d rather hear a review in your voice than some GPT. I read it because it sounds like another fellow human wrote it.

Anyone can put together a review for a piece of media with the “professional” (read monotonous) air of a GPT. I’m sure there are bunch of sites using ChatGPT for this right now (that is if you can get through the barrage of ads they throw in your face). But that’s not why I come to your site. I read what you write because you wrote it. It’s your opinion, written in your own style.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t post things from a GPT, or use it to make your writing better. Anyone who’s seen what I’ve posted knows of the various DALL-E images I’ve made over the past several months. Use it as the tool that it is, but be cautious about using it to write for you.

P.S. That’s generally why I prefer podcasts with a more casual tone over the more “produced” shows.