Getting some pretty strange spam emails sent to my Gmail address (which I still use). It’s the same badly formatted multi-MIME message body with different From and Subject lines. They’re trying to get… something from me? Logins, maybe? Worst phishing attempt ever!

Screenshot of a spam email with a bad multi-MIME message body asking for login details (I think)

A better peacock photo (well, just).

Peacock walking across a decked area towards the right side of the frame.

One of the photos I was going to use in my last post was this photo, which was modified using Google’s Magic Eraser. You can compare this with the original photo in that post (it had two people in it). It’s far from perfect, but it’s still quite impressive.

A photo of a tree, modified using Google’s Magic Eraser

Photos Of Churchill Island

Yesterday, my parents and I went to Churchill Island for afternoon tea and a walk around the homestead. Here are a few photos of that outing. Apologies that some of them are not great — they were taken in a bit of a hurry.

Greetings from Cowes, Phillip Island.

Roundabout at Cowes, Phillip Island.

Photos of Fitzroy Gardens, while we play our bocce comp. grand final. Perfect weather for it. Also lots of weddings going on.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens

Follow-up from my earlier post about ChatGTP this morning, it turns out I probably should’ve RTFM:

ChatGTP welcome screen, with the limitation 'Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021' circled in red

Thanks to for the tip.

Remember in Gödel, Escher, Bach when they were saying that a (then) theoretical AI is less like a calculator and more akin to the human mind; and just like the human mind is likely to produce errors in the answers it gives? Well…

ChatGTP session where MacOS Big Sur was given as the answer to what the latest version of MacOS was

For reference, macOS Ventura is the current latest release.

Update: Turn’s out the reason for this is that ChatGTP’s data-set only goes back to Nov 2021. See follow-up post.

A lot of track work going on this weekend. I enjoy seeing these trucks that can go both on roads and rails. You don’t want to be waiting for them to transition, though. It’s usually done at level crossings and they don’t rush it.

Truck on rail tracks at a station with workers.

Some acorns fell to the ground while I was passing under an oak tree this afternoon. I looked up and saw a few female king parrot perched there, feeding on the acorns.

Female king parrot in an oak tree

Female king parrot reaching to an acorn in an oak tree

It was difficult making them out: their green plumage provided good camouflage.

Close encounter with a kookaburra.

Kookaburra perched on a signpost saying Grassland Tk near a forest.

Taken a few days ago while on a walk.

Very hot today. Mercury hovering just under 40°C, with every chance that it may get hotter than that. But you know what? I rather it be hot today than tomorrow. Why? You’ll find out tomorrow. In the meantime… cheers! 🧊☕️

A home-made ice coffee on a kitchen bench

Trying out Keyboard Maestro to automate some niggly things I occasionally need to do. Got my first macro working, which converts a selected string FromCamelCase to UPPER_SNAKE_CASE.

Screenshot of a Keyboard Maestro macro which converts the selected string from CamelCase to UPPER_SNAKE_CASE

So far I’m impressed. Looking forward to finding other things I can automate away with this.

Out walking my usual Sunday arvo. route. Perfect conditions for it as well.

This hollow is hot property at the moment. It was occupied by a couple of kookaburra chicks about a month ago. They’ve since flown the nest. Now a pair of rainbow lorikeets are interested in it.

Two rainbow lorikeets outside a hollow in a gum tree

Passing by the Vegemite factory on the way to work. You usually get a whiff of its signature smell when you walk by, but today it was particularly strong.

Corner of the Vegemite factory

Ah, my Smart Response XE developer kit has arrived. Time for a new project.

Smart Response XE handheld device, and headers and leads to connect it to a computer

On the subject of birds, I was looking at my statuses this morning. There are only a handful on there but I saw these two and it made me smile. I obviously posted them while I was looking after my sisters cockatiels last November.

Two statuses made 2 months ago: one saying 'Can't work, Too many parrots on hand (1, which is > 0)’ and the other saying ‘Ok, parrots off hand. Back to work’“></p>

	<footer class=

Putting up a new print today.

Framed print of an Eastern Rosella

Original is by a local artist, although I didn’t get their name.

I also saw an interesting water-bird this morning. Don’t know what species it is. Looks a bit like a Pied Cormorant but the colour around the eyes and beak is wrong. I tried to take a picture but it flew off and the best photo I got, one with a high digital zoom, is quite muddy.

Unidentified water-bird perched on a tree

While walking this afternoon, I met a small flock of gang-gang cockatoos. A gang-gang gang if you will. And yes, I have been sitting on that line for the past week or so. 🙂

Female gang-gang in an oak tree

Male gang-gang in an oak tree

The unwanted.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas, a safe and restful holiday, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Christmas tree with lights on and a fair few bird ordainments

Bocce in Calton Gardens. Perfect day for it.

Ok, thank you for the insistent reminders, Patreon. I know my subscription for CGP Grey is coming up for renewal. You only need to tell me once. 🤦‍♂️