Day 22: blue #mbapr

    A clear blue sky, with the moon at the lower-left side of the frame, and a plane with a vapour trail near the right

    Day 21: mountain

    Warburton, in the Yarra Ranges. #mbapr

    Looking down a field towards a shed with a corrugated tin roof with tree-covered mountains in the background with a partially cloudy sky

    Day 20: ice #mbapr

    An empty glass on a bench containing ice cubes, with bottles of lemon and lime cordial and bitters behind it.

    A small visitor is back, enjoying the sun on my kitchen tiles. 🦎

    Skink on a ceramic tile in the sunlight with some shadows on the side.

    Day 19: birthday

    I got this almost 9 years ago. It’s never been used. #mbapr

    A glass stein on a bench with the inscription "Happy 30th Birthday" written on the front

    Day 18: mood

    I guess one can describe this mode as flat. #mbapr

    A blue-tongue lizard lying on outdoor ceramic tiles

    Day 17: transcendence #mbapr

    An ornate, gilded altar in a medieval Spanish church lit with sunlight and artificial light.

    Day 16: flΓ’neur

    One extra flΓ’neur not in frame. #mbapr

    Photo of a tour group of roughly 20 people with a tour guide giving an explanation of some old white marble facade.

    Love the new categories feature in Scribbles. Went back and added them to the posts on Coding Bits and Workpad. They look and feel great.

    Screenshot of Scribbles post screen showing three posts, each with a different category with a different colour.

    Took a while to troubleshoot why my shell script wasn’t running in Keyboard Maestro. Turns out I needed to add #!/bin/zsh -l to launch it with ZSH, with the -l switch to read my zprofile dot file.

    Screenshot of a Keyboard Maestro "run shellscript" step with the hash-bang line set to /bin/zsh with the -l switch

    Day 15: small #mbapr

    A beetle with a copper shell on a tiled floor

    Day 14: cactus

    Okay, I admit that it’s quite a stretch to call this a cactus. I do think it’s some form of succulent, or at least a plant that’s suitable for hot, dry climates, so I’m going to go with it. #mbapr

    A succulent in a pot with thick, broad leaves.

    Mum found a bunch of tapes of us making radio shows when we were kids. I’m digitising them now using this radio, which is the only tape player available to me. Not pictured is the Nuc running Linux, recording the audio (forgot how painful dealing with Linux audio on the command line is).

    A radio and cassette player connected to a USB interface with a few cassettes in the foreground.

    Day 13: page #mbapr

    Page from a journal with a hand written date of 15 July 2023 in the top left in blue, and in the centre in all-caps, the handwritten phrase 'Page Intentionally Left Blank'

    Day 12: magic

    An ATEM Mini from Blackmagic Design we have at work. It’d be nice to have more reasons to learn how to use this. #mbapr

    A Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini on a wooden desk with some of the buttons on the front panel illuminated red, green and white. Cables are plugged into the back.

    Day 11: sky

    It’s up there, somewhere. #mbapr

    A photo looking up at a morning sky appearing through the tops of tall skyscrapers, like the Eureka tower.

    Day 10: train #mbapr

    Velocity trains at the platforms of South Cross station, with a Metro train departing in the background

    Getting in line for the cafΓ© to open.

    A pigeon in front of closed shutters over a shop

    Actually, this pigeon is more patient than I am. I decided to go somewhere else.

    Day 9: crispy

    I guess you could describe these autumn leaves as crispy. Well, maybe a couple of weeks ago you could. With all the recent rain we’ve had, I guess they’ve gone soggy now. #mbapr

    Close-up of brown autumn leaves in a garden amongst green plants

    Day 8: prevention

    An ounce of this? Well, not quite. I can’t prevent myself getting sick abroad, but I try to take a few things to save myself needing to go to the chemist. This idea came from my previous job, which took quite a lot of effort preventing people getting sick while travelling. #mbapr

    An small blue bag, opened to reveal a bunch of over the counter medication like cold and flu tablets, pain killers, etc.
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