Day 29: contrast #mbsept

An aeroal photo of a city, Los Angeles, at night; with the city lights contrsting with the darkened bay

Day 23: day in the life of

Saturday mornings usually mean an extended walk to the cafe for breakfast. I took some photos of my route today. This is probably my favourite one. #mbsept

Road curving to the right, shaded by eucalyptus trees, with a playground on the right.

Day 22: road #mbsept

Dirt road travelling through a forest.

Day 21: fall

This shed hasn’t fallen down yet, but it’s in a bit of a precarious state. #mbsept

A shed in a forest leaning on a tree with some graffiti on the side and the door fallen off it's hinges

Day 20: disruption

Going to take this opportunity to say that I like the design of our road works signs. They have a standard frame from which you can swap out the sign panels based on what you need to convey. Beautiful modularity. #mbsept

A road works sign with a 40 km/h speed limit, a man holding a stop sign, and the lower portion saying Prepare to Stop

Day 19: edge #mbsept

The edge of a train station platform showing part of the rail line and the message Mind the Gap

Day 18: fabric

My woollen blanket, knitted by my nonna. #mbsept

Red blanket draped on the arm of a burgundy couch

Day 17: intense

Didn’t time this photo well. There’s usually an intense game of soccer on this pitch most Saturdays. The Sunday crowds are a little more serene. #mbsept

An empty soccer pitch with a couple of people playing with their dogs

Spent some time today building a site for my Go utility packages. A feature I’ve decided to add is a Go template playground, where you can test out Go templates in the browser. Not something I’ll use everyday but I’ve occasionally wished for something like this before. Could be useful.

The template playground, with a field for the template saying 'hello what', the data which has 'what' equal to 'world' in Json, and the output which is 'Hello, world'

Day 16: oof!

I can’t understand people that stay up until midnight most nights. It’s only 9:00 and I’m already exhausted. #mbsept

A digital oven clock that reads 20:59.

Day 13: glowing #mbsept

Sun rising on a road with buildings on the sides and tram lines down the center

Day 12: panic

There have been a fair few stressors in my life recently, both at work and personally. And although they haven’t got to the level of panic, they have been a little overwhelming. It’s hard to believe it in the moment, but I guess they will eventually pass in time. #mbsept

Photo of the 'Keep calm and carry on poster'


Day 11: retrospect

This photo taken eight years to the day: part of a Roman wall in Exeter, UK. #mbsept

A Roman wall beside a modern footpath within Exeter.

Day 10: cycle

Bicycles at the station. Really need to get on my bike and buy one for myself. #mbsept

Two bicycles at a bike rack.

I’m no fashion expert, but I’m guessing that if you were to stand on the corner holding this sign, you’re going to stop traffic. #dadjoke

A hand-held stop sign resting on a fence.

Day 9: language #mbsept

A sign that reads 'Protected Native Vegetation' in English, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Arabic

Day 8: yonder

I’ll let the arrow do the pointing. #mbsept

A road in a car park with an arrow pointing to a light-house behind some shrubs

Day 6: well

Taken from the Churchill Island homestead. I’m trusting the sign here to be correct in it’s assertion that there used to be a well here. #mbsept

A sign in a garden that says 'the old well', in front of a tan building with a tin roof.

Day 5: forest

I consider myself extremely lucky to live near a forest reserve. I walk through it several times a week. This forest, however, is absolutely nowhere near me. #mbsept

A European forest in afternoon sunlight with pine and what I think is oak trees

Day 4: orange

Taken near the day 2 photo. You certainly can’t miss these. #mbsept

A group of orange traffic cylinders, sort of like cones but about waste high, on the side of a road with a black car in the background

Day 3: precious

A photo of the Hope Diamond, taken while touring the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, in Washington, DC. #mbsept

The Hope Diamond, a small diamond in a pendent under a glass cabinet

Day 2: buildup

New shed being built nearby to house the spoil from a new road tunnel. It’s quite large. I guess they’re expecting quite a large build-up of dirt. #mbsept

Frame of a large concrete shed, with exposed metal rafters, and a concrete back wall

Day 1: abstract

Photo of an abstract(ish) sculpture of Bunjil, an eagle regarded as the spirit creator of the Kulin nations. #mbsept

A white, abstract sculpture of an eagle surrounded by buildings

Missed the train this morning, but grabbed a photo of it travelling back to Newport this evening. 🚂

Steam train travelling through station in the evening.

Currawong close-up (okay, not really, but any closer and it’ll fly away).

Currawong in profile on a branch