Over the last few weeks, while Melbourne has been under lock-down to drive the Covid-19 cases down, the government has been ramping up it’s contact tracing infrastructure. It’s been quite flaky at the start but from what I hear now on Coronacast it’s in a pretty decent state. It has delt with outbreaks in both Kilmore and Shepparton, two regional cities here in Victoria.

Now the real test comes, with the potential of an outbreak at a school here in the north of Melbourne, a few days before restrictions are lifted. From what I’m reading, it looks like the testing and contact tracing infrastructure has moved in quite rapidly. The school has closed due to a precaution, popup testing sites have been deployed, and some 300 people have been told to self-isolate.

We’ll see how this goes over the coming days. If all goes well, then I will have greater confidence that the Vic government will be able to handle these outbreaks and we can move to Covid-normal like the rest of the country.

P.S. Only 5 cases today. This is a little higher than the 1 to 2 that we’ve been experiencing over the last week or so, but still quite good.