I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole about writing and publishing online yesterday after reading this article from Preetam Nath and this article from James Clear. I’ve been thinking about creating and publishing on the web for a little while now, which is probably why these two articles resonated with me.

These articles highlight the importance of creating and publishing regardless of what the topic is. There have been a few things that I’ve been wanting to share but I haven’t done so, probably because I worry about what other people think. The interesting thing about that line of thinking is that I tend to enjoy reading posts from other people as they go about their lives. I guess that’s what the original intention of blogging actually is.

There have also been times during the past week that I’ve been craving content, either from Twitter, Micro.blog or the various RSS feeds that I read. And there have been times when I’ve caught up with everything that I follow, and nothing happens for a while. I think to myself, “when will someone post something? I need to be distracted for a while.” I think I need to remember that someone needs to create that content in order for it to be consumed, and although it’s much easier consuming content than it is to produce it, I should not feel entitled to it and expect others to amuse me.

The interesting thing about these thoughts is that it is joining a confluence of other changes to my daily work setup that has happened recently. I use to write in my Day One journal almost every day, but since moving to Linux for work that has prooved a little difficult to maintain. It might be that more of my journalling will go here instead, given that micro.blog provides a nice, cross-plaform interface for writing entries of any size.