Around April this year, my old Android Nexus 9 tablet was becoming unusable due to it’s age and I was considering which tablet to move to next. I have been a user of Android tablets since the Nexus 7 and I have been quite happy with them (yes, we do exist). However, it was becoming clear that Google’s was no longer interested in maintaining first-party support for Android on a tablet, and none of the other brands that were available were very inspiring.

I took this as a sign to move to a new platform. It was a toss-up between a Chromebook or an iPad. I understood that it was possible to get a Linux shell on a Chromebook by enabling development mode, so for a while I was looking a possible Chromebooks that would work as a tablet replacement. But after hearing about iSH from an ATP episode, I got the impression that it would be possible to recreate the same thing with nicer hardware and app ecosystem, despite how locked down it is. So the iPad won out.

If at the time I knew that Apple would be removing iSH from the App Store (via Twitter) I’m not sure I would have bought the iPad, and would have probably gone with the Chromebook.