Seth Godin on Rank Choice Voting:

The surprising thing? In a recent primary in New York, some people had trouble with the new method. It’s not that the method of voting is particularly difficult. The problem is that we’ve trained ourselves to be RIGHT. To have “our candidate” and not be open (or pushed) to even consider that there might be an alternative. And to feel stress when we need to do the hard work of ranking possible outcomes, because that involves, in advance, considering acceptable outcomes that while not our favorite, would be acceptable.

Living in a country that has rank-choice voting across the board, I could be biased in this, but I think that’s one of the beautiful things about this voting system. It changes the thinking of “will my candidate win” to “what candidate can I live with”. A candidate representing several thousand people is not going to be everyones first preference, but they might be happy enough if they’re their second or third.