I bought a new desk lamp over the weekend. After trying it last night, I’m not super happy with it.

For one thing, the light is way too cool for my liking. Too cool, and too bright. The old desk lamp, which was a halogen type lamp, had a bit of shade which helped keep the light out of my eyes. This new one is shorter and has no such shade, making it difficult to positing the lamp without producing glare.

Another thing is that the switch is so far down the cord it’s almost closer to the plug than the lamp. Turning it on would involve pulling the cord up to get to the switch. My desk is against a wall and there’s a rats nest of other cables down there which makes this annoying to do. I’ve actually got it on a smart outlet so that I don’t need to use the switch at all.

I’m generally dislike shopping for things like this, and it’s these sorts of events which are the reason why. I probably should have done more research for available options — although that is difficult to do with the crummy websites from brick-and-mortar lighting shops — but the need to get something quickly was strong. In any case, I guess the job of looking for a new desk lamp continues.