More work on the AWS tools, mainly rebuilding the UI framework. Need to rip out all the Operation type stuff, as BubbleTea already does this using messages and commands (see tutorial 2). Also taking some time building some UI models that I can reuse across the various commands, including a few that deal with layout changes.

Also tracked down what was causing that delay when trying to create a new list. It turns out during the call to list.New(), a bunch of adaptive styles are created, which includes a test to see if the terminal is in light or dark mode. This calls some terminal IO methods which were blocking for a significant amount of time, we’re talking in the order of 10’s of seconds.

The good thing is that this check is only made once, so what I did was move the check into the main function. Some preliminary tests indicating that this may work: the lists are consistently being created very quickly again. We’ll see if this lasts.