So here’s how I spent my evening:

Watching the WWDC state of the union until the DNS resolver konked out in the WiFi router, causing the Chromecast to get into a state in which it could no longer connect to the network, resulting in about 10 minutes of troubleshooting before deceiding to clean up, not go to the gym, spend another 10 minutes trying to troubleshoot the issue, then stared at my laptop for about half an hour wondering whether to go back to troubleshooting the Chromecast, or doing something else with the hope that it would eventually work itself out.

Eventually, after another 5 minutes of fruitless troubleshooting, I finally got the Chromecast fixed by doing a factory reset and connected it to the 2.4 GHz band.

Anyway, I hope your evening was more productive than mine.

(And I was worried I would have nothing to write about today.)