Since being in Canberra, I haven’t really done anything “touristy”. Given that today was a public holiday, I figured it was as good a time as ever to do so. So I decided to spend the day visiting a couple of national landmarks, plus something I’ve been planning to do since returning to Canberra.

The War Memorial

The first time I’ve ever been in Canberra was during Christmas holidays in 2007 my family. During that time, Mum and Dad and my two sisters went to the War Memorial and Parliament House, while I stayed in our rented town-house. The reason why I stayed back was a little embarrassing: I claimed that I was tired, but this was during a weird period where I didn’t really want to be seen doing something touristy (I’ve mostly got over this feeling). Not going when I had the chance was something I’ve regretted since that day. Well, today I make amends with at least one of these, with a visit to the War Memorial.

Old Parliament House

Following my visit to the War Memorial and a brief lunch at the Poppy Cafe, it was time to visit Old Parliament House, and the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Following this was a brief walk around the gardens.

The City, And Galati

My final stop was the city. Why? Well, during my visit in April, we found a really nice galati place where we stayed, and since knowing that I would be back in June, I made it a point, in half jest, to return. When talking to Mum and Dad on the phone, they asked if I have fulfilled this promise. So since I was nearby, it felt like the perfect time to do so.

Despite how sunny it was, it was still quite cold. But even so, that galati hit the spot.