A little more work on “awstools” today, mainly on a bit of a cleanup spree to make them suitable for others to use. This generally means fixing up any inconsistencies in how the commands work. An example of this is the put command, which now writes all modified items that are marked to the table (or if there are no marked items, all modified items) instead of just the selected one. This brings it closer to how the delete command works.

Also merged the set-s and set-n commands into a single set-attr command, which now has the ability to specify an optional attribute type along with the attribute name. This still only works with the currently selected item, and I think I’ll keep it like that for the moment. I do want something to modify attributes of all marked items (or even all items), but it might be better if that was a separate command, as it may allow for some potentially useful actions like adding a suffix to the value instead of simply changing it.

Some of these command names are a bit unwieldy, like set-attr, but I’m hopeful to replace many of these with simple keystrokes down the line. I’m trying not to reserve many generic names like “set” in the off chance of adding something like TCL or similar to make simple scripts (this is in addition to something closer to JavaScript for more feature-full extensions). Nothing settled here, but trying to keep that option open.