Finally finished the website for the Audax toolset and cut an initial release (v0.0.2). I’ve also managed to get binary releases for Linux and Windows made. I’ve started to work on binary releases for MacOS with the intention of distributing it via Homebrew. This is completely new to me so I’m not sure what progress I’ve made so far: probably nothing. For one thing, I’ll need a separate machine to test with, since I’ve just been installing them from source on the machine’s I’ve been using. Code signing is going to be another thing that will be fun to deal with.

I’ll slip that into a bit of a background task for the moment. For now, I’d like to start work on a feature for “dynamo-browse” that I’ve been thinking of for a while: the ability for users to extend it with scripts.

Some might argue that it may be a little early for this feature, but I’m motivated to do it now as I have a personal need for this, which is navigating amongst a bunch of DynamoDB tables that all store related data. This is all work related, so can’t say too much here. But if I were just to say that doing this now is a little annoying. It involves copying and pasting keys, changing tables, and running filters and queries manually: all possible, but very time consuming. Having the ability to do all this with a single command or keybinding would be so much better. And since this is all work related, I can’t simply modify the source code directly as it will give too much away. Perfect candidate for using an embedded scripting language.

So I think that’s what I’ll start work on next.

I also need to think about starting work on “sqs-browse”. This would be a complete rewrite of what is currently there: which is something that can be used for polling SQS queues and viewing the messages there. I’m hoping for something a little more sophisticated, involving a workspace for writing and pushing messages to queues, along with pulling, saving and routing them from queues. I haven’t got an immediate need for this yet, but I’ve come close on occasion so I can’t leave this too late.