Looking at the “backlog” of things to work on for Dynamo-Browse before I set it aside. I’ll fix a few bugs and add a few small features that I’ve found myself really wanting. The short list is as follows:

  • Fix the activity indicator that is sometimes not clearing when a long running task is finished.
  • Fix a bug in which executing a query expression with just the sort key does nothing. I suspect this has something to do with the query planner somehow getting confused if the sort key is used but the partition key is not.
  • Fix a bug where set default-limits returns a bad value.
  • Add a way to describe the table, i.e. show keys, indices, etc. This should also be made available to scripts.
  • Add a way to “goto” a particular row, that is select rows just by entering the value of the partition and optionally the sort key.

I’ll start with these and see how I go.

Oh, and one more thing: I will need to kill my darlings, namely the other commands in the “audax” repository that I’ve hacked togeather. They’re mildly useful — one of them is used to browse SSM parameters and another is used to view JSON log files — but they’re unloved and barely functional. I’ll move them out of the “audax” repository and rename this repo to “dynamo-browse”, just to make it less confusing for everyone.