I was listening to an episode of Sharp Tech the other day. When the conversation moved on to AI and Ben Thompson’s experience with Sydney, an idea for a game came to me.

It’ll essentially be a text adventure, but the goal is to try to get a GPT AI to play it. The AI would give you a description of what it “sees” on their screen, and you have to tell it how to proceed. You can’t enter the commands yourself. Except, you have to use natural language to guide the AI through the game.

Maybe in the harder difficulty levels the AI could disagree with you and you’ll need to convince it to do what you say. Or maybe it’ll give you partial information about what it “sees”. It can say that it sees a castle, but doesn’t explain that there’s a gate-house as well, and you have to tease this information out of it in order to move forward.

This sort of harkens back to the time when you’re playing a game for the first time with someone that’s experienced, and they’re telling you what to do1. Here, you’re that experienced player giving assistance, even though you’ve never played the game yourself.

Anyway, free idea for anyone who wants it.

  1. Or maybe those times when you’re trying to give tech support over the phone. Those are fun, right? Well, what better way to spend your downtime than playing a simulation of that. 😛 ↩︎