It’s bit strange how the first post of the day can always feel like the hardest to get out. Every one after it is so much easier to write.

I wonder if it’s because when faced with an empty text-box, there are these grand plans about what I’m going to write, as if everyone reading this is hanging on my every word: it’ll be my masterpiece of wit, inspiration, and insightfulness that will spread far and wide and blow the minds of everrryyywoonnneee1. Then I write something, and naturally it falls far short of these expectations: mundane, unimportant, already said before2.

Then I say to myself, “ah well, at least it’s written down.” And with that, the expected level of quality for anything else that day has been set.

So, this is today’s first post. More might come, probably along the same level of importance as this one. At least until the tomorrow, when the cycle starts again.

  1. Another possibility is that I feel I need to write something at the same level of quality of those that I read. That’s probably not a bad feeling to have; but, at least for me, it can get in the way of writing anything at all that day. ↩︎

  2. And lets not forget the bad spelling and grammar I failed to catch. ↩︎