You know that Washington Post article that has the list of websites Google used to train Bard? I been seeing people post screenshots of their sites in the training set on their blogs and Mastodon. This morning I read a post from Chris Coyier about it:

My largest corpus of writing to date is on the web at (along with many other writers), so naturally, I’m interested in seeing if it was used. (Plus, I’ve been seeing people post their rank as a weird nerd flex, so I’m following suit.)

I’d suggest reading it. The post is more than just him flexing his ranking in the training set.

Well, I got curious to see if any of my writing was there. Here’s the result:

Screenshot of Washington Post article with Bard training set with ‘no results’ showing up for

I guess you can call this a form of a nerd counterflex?

None of my other sites were there either. There was “”, but that’s not me. Maybe having that was good enough for Google.

So yeah, you won’t be seeing Bard sharing any of my… “insightful” thoughts about code reviews anytime soon. 😄