One last day trip today. Went down to South Gippsland to do part of the Great Southern Rail Trail. Entered the trail at Koonwarra and walked for an hour towards Meeniyan, before turning back.

The rail trail path crossing a road, with a road sign saying Great Southern Rail Trail arranged in a St Andrews Cross to resemble a level crossing cross-buck The rail trail running through a glade surrounded by pine trees

This is an older part of the trail, so unlike at Leongatha, there’s not a lot of rail infrastructure remaining. There are still some old telegraph poles though, which makes for interesting photo subjects.

A run-down, disused, telegraph pole with a stay thats leaning to the right An upright disused telegraph pole beside the trail on a bridge. Some trees and green hills are in the background

The trail now goes all the way to Loch so after lunch I entered the trail there and walked along it for another hour or so. You can get to it by crossing the suspension bridge at the memorial reserve.

The entrance of a suspension bridge, with the towers roughly 3-4 metres high, and an information plaque to the left. The scene is in shade from what might be oak trees The rail trail approaching the South Gippsland Highway which crosses the trail and a creek via a bridge The trail in an eucalyptus forest

The day was a little warm but otherwise very nice. Some stormy weather was beginning to form near the end. I managed to stay dry, but it slammed into me during the drive home.