It’s been 10 years to the day when I had the opportunity to tour the Pacific as part of my job at the Bureau of Meteorology, the so call “RA-V Missions”. This last month or so, I’ve been writing about them in my journal, trying to get it all down before I forget. I had grand plans of publishing them on a travel blog, which I shelved a couple of months ago.

But while I was updating my journal, I was wondering if anyone else would find it interesting. Probably not, really: I don’t know if people enjoy reading about other peoples work trips (I can go either way, myself).

But in the off-chance that someone out there will find this story intriguing, I decided to resurrect my travel blog and publish these (moderately edited) journal entries.

If this ends up being your cup of tea, I hope you enjoy it. I may add some other trips to the site down the line (including the ones that were on the old one). I’ll let you know here if I do.