Manuel Moreale wrote an interesting post today about sharing stuff online:

Life can be joyful and wonderful and marvellous. But it can also be a fucking nightmare. And yes, it’s important to celebrate the victories and to immortalise the glorious moment. But it’s also important to document the failures, the shitty moments, the dark places our minds find themselves stuck in. It’s all part of what makes us unique after all.

I can certaintly appreciate those that are willing to share both the ups and downs to others online. But I know for myself that I rather not, for a couple of reasons. First being that there’s already so much dark stuff online already: why add to that? And the second being that, along with being a public journal of most of my day, this site is a bit of an escape as well: a refuge that I can visit when the world gets a little too much for me.

And it may seem that what is posted here is exclusively what I feel, think, or do during the day, but that cannot be further from the truth. Shitty things happen to me, I have dark thoughts, fits of despair, or just general periods of malaise. Those get documented too, but in a private journal that’s not for public consumption.

That’s not to say that others should do likewise. I’m not here to tell you what to post, and why: you do you. This is just explaining how and why I post what I post. Maybe one day this will change: but until then that’s how I like to do things.