Also got a bit of train spotting in as well. I parked at Kyneton station in the hope of seeing a train go by. Wish I could say my timing was strategic but in truth I was just lucky.

    This conversation with @Gaby got my creative juices flowing so I though I’d put together a small video tutorial for using the GLightbox plugin by @jsonbecker. There have been a few updates with the plugin so how I use it might be slightly out of date. Either way, please enjoy.

    Success! Managed to get a Go app built, signed, and notarised all from within a GitHub Action. It even cross-compiles to ARM, which is something considering that it’s using SDL. Here’s the test app being downloaded and launched in a VM (ignore the black window, the interesting part is the title).

    I won’t lie to you. I got some pretty strong vibes of the Birds at this point in my walk.


    This little tool is awesome. It allows you to easily make GIFs of a command line session from a text-based DSL. I tried it on the full screen TUI app I’m working on and it worked flawlessly.

    Now wondering if I could use it for automated testing. 🤔

    Here’s another clip of the echidna, taken from the same 2 minute video I took yesterday. It’s also the third video of wildlife looking for food that I’ve posted on this blog. Is a trend forming I wonder? 🤔

    Went for my afternoon walk yesterday, and saw an echidna looking for food. That doesn’t happen every day, so it seemed like a good subject for a video.

    Saw this on my lunchtime walk today. I don’t often see cockatoos find food this way.

    Follow on from the last post, I also had the opportunity to spot a few trains. Here’s one on it’s way to Bendigo, taken just outside Woodend.